Look, Ma, No Hands: The Era of Autonomous Driving

Believe it or not, but the days of semi-autonomous driving are fast approaching. In fact, we at Crest Cadillac expect to offer hands-free driving by the end of the decade. Currently, General Motors is working hard to bring this technology, called Super Cruise, to its Cadillac lineup very soon; in fact, the brand has already begun to conduct real world testing.

“Super Cruise is designed to give the driver the ability of hands-free driving when the system determines it is safe to do so,” explained John Capp, the director of Global Active Safety Electronics and Innovation at GM, in the press release. “Before we introduce this capability on a production vehicle we must put the system through rigorous testing and technology refinement.”

So how does this system work exactly? Semi-autonomous driving is an overarching system that uses a bunch of smaller technologies in tandem—technologies such as driver awareness monitoring, cruise control, lane-departure warning, collision avoidance, and GPS location tracking. GM engineers are confident that these systems are advanced enough to take over the reins now and demand total control of acceleration, steering, braking, and destination tracking on the road.

Does the thought of letting your car call the shots excite you or frighten you—or both? Let us know in the comment section below, or stop in today at Crest Cadillac and tell us your opinion on hands-free driving!

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