Combine Hiking and Ice Cream with this Beautiful Wisconsin Trail

Hiking and Ice Cream with this Beautiful Wisconsin Trail | Brookfield, WI

Outdoor Fun in the Sun.

Combining two of your favorite things can often make them even better than before. If you love both hiking and ice cream, and you live in Wisconsin, we have a special treat for you. Did you know that part of the Bearskin and Hiawatha State Trails take you right past the iconic Windmill Ice Cream Shop? It does, and it is a delicious pairing.

The Bearskin and Hiawatha Trails are converted rail tracks, which means there are relatively smooth and flat. They are ideal for hiking and biking in the summer and offer spectacular views of waterways thanks to 13 trestles that cross the various lakes and streams along the trail. The complete trail is about 30 miles long and stretches between Minocqua and Tomahawk. Both ends include a city park with swimming, so you can cool off at either end of your adventure.

However, in the middle of your journey, just north of Heafford Junction, there is a small break in Lake Nokomis. This is where you will find the Windmill Ice Cream Shop. It has been serving sweet treats to summertime guests since 1933. They serve more than 20 flavors, so you are sure to find something you will love.

For more gorgeous local spots to hike, contact us at Crest Cadillac. We’ll be happy to share our favorite locations.

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