Your First Details About the Cadillac CT6

At Crest Cadillac, we’ve eagerly anticipated news about the brand’s new range-topping, RWD sedan. Now, we know what we can call our new obsession: the Cadillac CT6.

“This Cadillac will be the lightest and most agile car in the class of top-level large luxury sedans,” said Travis Hester, executive chief engineer, Cadillac CT6. “Using the lessons learned from our dynamic ATS and CTS product lines, we have developed an entirely new vehicle architecture for the CT6. It will employ a mixed material philosophy that combines the best and most efficient components optimized for each area of this new top-of-the-range car.”

So what have we learned thus far about the CT6? During a press conference on Wednesday at the GM Milford Proving Grounds, it was revealed that the CT6 will serve as Cadillac’s tech showcase. It will be built on a steel and aluminum body and powered by a PHEV powertrain, meaning that it will get exceptional fuel economy in addition to what we can only assume will be a whole lot of power.

The CT6 will also offer the Super Cruise automated driving system and a rear-view mirror that displays streaming video from a rear-view camera for an obstruction-free view.

Despite the Cadillac brand’s move to New York, it has also been announced that the CT6 will be built at the Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly Plant in Q4 2015.

Stay tuned to the Crest Cadillac blog for more details as they emerge!

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