Elmiraj-Based Cadillac LTS Flagship Headed to New York Auto Show

Last year, Cadillac wowed the world with the stunning Elmiraj Concept. Then, earlier this year, we learned that the concept was headed to production with a codename of LTS. Now, Car Buzz is reporting that the Cadillac LTS flagship will likely make its world debut at the 2015 New York Auto Show in early April.

Based on spy shots, it seems the production version will expand on the Elmiraj design and will at least have a sedan option. It is set to have a rear-wheel drive chassis developed by Holden, but there is no word on what type of power plant will come under the hood. It could be anything from a turbocharged four-cylinder to a production version of the Elimiraj’s twin-turbo V8. Whatever winds up under the hood, it will likely be paired with a nine- or ten-speed automatic transmission.

We can’t wait to see this beautiful new design at the New York Auto Show and anxiously await seeing it on our showroom floor. What features from the Elimiraj Concept do you hope end up in the production Cadillac LTS version?

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