Cadillac to recall SRX Models over Possible tire issue

We here at Crest Cadillac take our customer service very seriously, especially when it comes to our customer’s safety. Whether it’s merely driving down to get groceries, or across country for a family road trip. We want to make sure that you can rest assured that you and your family or passengers are in safe hands. Although we feel Cadillac provides the best vehicles out there, we’re never to proud to admit when we need to make sure a possible issue is properly inspected and fixed in order to make sure that our valued customers and their families are completely safe in their favorite Cadillac car.

A few days ago, Cadillac released information on a recall for the some SRX models with potential issues with the lug nuts sold in the US and Canada. These Lug nuts could “…loosen and cause creaking, rattling, or grinding noises or steering vibrations”. General Motors will begin notifying the customer’s in early June if their particular model of Cadillac SRX will be a part of the recall. If you have any issues with your SRX, have any questions on the recall, or would like more information, please don’t hesitate to call us at Crest Cadillac or contact the General Motors customer service line via their Cadillac website.

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