Cadillac see highest sales since 1976

GM took some heavy hits during the economic slump, as did the rest of the automobile industry. When the economy was at its lowest points, it’s common sense that one of the first things people decided cut back on was luxury spending. As one can imagine, a cut in luxury spending means a cut in luxury items which Cadillac is known for producing. That being said, GM has been slowly working their way to rebuilding their market share as well as increase their overall sales for their luxury brand vehicles. Luckily, Cadillac appears to finally be on their right foot!


Cadillac saw the highest year to date sales increase since 1976, a whopping 38%! This impressive increase marks Cadillac as the fastest growing major automotive brand in the U.S! Bob Ferguson, Vice President of Global Cadillac, stated “Cadillac is back…Our growth is product driven, new luxury vehicles with dramatic design and per drawing new customers to showrooms.” With many of the 2013 models winning top accolades, and the 2014 models expected to follow in toe, we here at Crest Cadillac are excited to see the rejuvenation of one of America’s home made vehicle lines!

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