Cadillac Repurposes the Cadillac CT6 Surround View Cameras as a Security System

Innovative technology most often takes the form of technology that no one else has ever developed. Innovative technology can also come in the form of technology that has been repurposed to help with another task. Cadillac is constantly finding new uses for the technology that it develops. In fact, Cadillac recently found a way to further make use of one of their most popular technologies.

According to Road Show, Cadillac has repurposed the Cadillac CT6 Surround View Cameras as a security system.

Several models of the 2016 Cadillac CT6 come equipped with Cadillac’s Surround View Camera System, which uses four separate exterior cameras positioned at different angle to provide CT6 drivers with a 360-degree view of the environment surrounding the vehicles.

The system has been previously used to help drivers with reversing in a parking lot or other task that require an extra set of eyes. However, after realizing the wide range of vision that the system provided, Cadillac decided to repurpose the technology to serve as a CT6 security system.

Whenever the Cadillac CT6 is disturbed, the Surround View cameras can activate and record a video of the surrounding area. Drivers can then access those videos to observe the environment that the CT6 was in during the time of the disturbance.

The use of the 2016 Cadillac CT6 Surround View Camera System as a security measure is the perfect example of how the team at Cadillac thinks outside the box when it comes to vehicle technology!

Cadillac CT6 Surround View Cameras

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