Cadillac Plans Big for China

China is still the new emerging market for the industry in terms of new vehicle sales. China has been one of General Motors biggest markets in the past three years and is most likely going to continue to be.  GM’s premiere brand, Cadillac, has seen lower than average stagnant sales remaining at 30,000 units in China last year.

When Autoblog spoke with in China at the Shanghai Motor Show, they were told that Cadillac just hasn’t had the right products their consumers are looking for. With the import tariffs, currency fluctuations, and displacement taxation issues, the brand has become less appealing. GM is projecting 100,000 sales by 2016 which is more than triple where it’s at now. They’re also shooting for ten percent of the luxury market by 2020. Although these may seem rather high compaired to current sales numbers, GM feels that by adding in some new market specific products to choice models, these numbers will increase.

The new products include the made-in China XTS sedan which should help capture more of the market share. It has a market-specific 2.0-liter four-cylinder to avoid heavy displacement taxes. The next in-country production could be the ATS sport sedan. The SRX crossover is the best-selling model in China and a long look for future local production when the next-generation is introduced.

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