Cadillac CT6 Technology Showcases Cadillac Innovation

In order to showcase their technological and engineering prowess, Cadillac has elected to make the Cadillac CT6 its showcase sedan. A combination of new features will allow the CT6 to shine as the new flagship car. We here at Crest Cadillac couldn’t be more excited for the new model.

Cadillac CT6 Technology

The Cadillac CT6, is likely inspired by the Elmiraj Concept, and is positioned to be Cadillac’s flagship car.

Most notable of the new Cadillac CT6 technology will be the lightweight body structure, which combines steel and aluminum alloys for premium design. Aluminum-to-aluminum spot-welding techniques give the sedan much needed rigidity while at the same time allowing for agility.

“We want to establish Cadillac as the absolute pinnacle of General Motors,” President Dan Ammann said in an interview with Automotive News. “We are starting with an absolutely iconic brand, and the Cadillac business is already very profitable today.”

Also new to the CT6 will be various electronic upgrades, including the array of automated-driving systems in the Super Cruise suite. This allows for vehicle-to-vehicle communication and acceleration/deceleration assistance among other things.

Curious about how this technology is used in other Cadillac sedans? Come down to Crest Cadillac to preview our lineup.

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