Cadillac Aims for Bigger European markets

While European brands, such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz have long dominated the luxury market in Europe, Cadillac is looking to take a bigger piece of the pie by stepping into these new European markets while the have such a strong foothold here in the states.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Thomas Sedran, a General Motors executive for the European market, said that Cadillac “is now much more suitable for European markets than it used to be. The brand’s revival in Europe as begun.”

Sedran says that Cadillac is in a great position in Europe to pick up customers who are looking for something new and different instead of simply buying another BMW.

At the recent Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland, Cadillac was able to show off some of its newest designs directly in the European market. These include the all-new, turbocharged 2015 ATS Coupe and the redesigned Escalade.

Here at Crest Cadillac, we hope Europeans will see as much performance and luxury in the Cadillac brand as we do here in the United States. We may love our Cadillacs but we also don’t mind sharing the wealth to our friends and neighbors across the pond. I mean, Sharing is caring afterall right?

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