Autonomous Cadillac SRX Spied on the Road

Over the past few years, General Motors has slowly been developing its self-driving technologies, and recently an autonomous Cadillac SRX was spied out on the roads in Michigan.

Left Lane News captured some images of the SRX equipped with multiple cameras and sensors, including LiDAR, which is a distance-measuring technology that uses lasers.

Current Cadillac SRX4

Current Cadillac SRX4

As you can see from the pictures, the autonomous SRX is not production ready. However, GM and other automakers are aiming for 2020 for the on-sale date of self-driving vehicles. This will give them time to improve the technology as well as incorporate it into the design of the car.

While 2020 may seem like a far distant future, it’s only six years from now. And, current cars already have some semi-autonomous capabilities—think active safety features. By incorporating these features gradually, this allows the public to become more comfortable with the technology bit by bit.

If fully autonomous driving were available today, would you take advantage of it? Come visit us at Crest Cadillac today and we’ll show you how the active safety features, such as Front and Rear Automatic Braking in the 2014 Cadillac CTS can help prevent an accident.

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