Air Conditioning Appreciation—How to Best Use Your Car’s A/C

best use your car’s a/c

Do you ever wonder how anyone made it through the summer without air conditioning? That is why July 3 through August 15 is recognized as National Air Conditioning Appreciation Days. Here are a few tips on how to best use your car’s A/C and show your appreciation.

  • Use it. The best way to keep your air conditioning in prime condition is by using it regularly. Auto experts recommend running the air conditioner once a week for about 10 minutes, even in the winter. Also, run it at the highest speed and coldest setting to maintain the gas pressure and keep the compressor working properly.
  • Run the defrost mode. To help prevent mildew, run the air conditioning in defrost mode for five to 10 minutes each week. This will help clear up excess moisture.
  • Recharge your air conditioner. About every two years, your air conditioning system should be serviced. This includes refreshing the cooling system with gas and lubricant.
  • Use your A/C in the winter. While you might think air conditioners just cool you down, they also remove humidity from the air. During the winter when your windows get foggy, turn on the air condition to remove the moisture. You can even continue using the heat so you don’t get cold.

If you need to schedule a check-up for your air conditioner, don’t hesitate to give our friendly service department a call here at Heritage Cadillac.

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