2014 Cadillac CTS is the talk of the town!

We know, we know. We here at Crest Cadillac talk about the new 2014 Cadillac CTS a lot, but at least we’re not alone! Next year’s Cadillac CTS is scheduled to be revealed during the New York Auto Show will opens to the public in a matter of days (three to be exact) but people just can’t seem to wait. In the past two days, two sets of early spy shots have been released ahead of time. This along with the plethora of photos we’ve been stumbling upon over the past few months, the 2014 Cadillac CTS has already been seen in a lot more detail than Cadillac would have wanted!

Some say this should have decreased the interest in the new car, similar to taking a sneak peak at a birthday present before you’re supposed to, it can potentially ruin the surprise. But for us here at Crest Cadillac and many fans across the world, it’s only made the cry out for the official revealing louder! The New York Auto Show couldn’t come any faster and Cadillac lovers are clamoring for an in person view of the next amazing model from Cadillac! Interested in the current model of the Cadillac CTS? Contact us to learn more about the 2013 models currently in stock!

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